Traditional Vanities Gain Favor with More Homeowners

Many houses of recent vintage today feature a correspondingly modern design throughout, and many homeowners find this general look appealing. In other cases, however, the warmth and ornamentation of more traditional or even classical design approaches can be still more appealing.

Quite a few homeowners now prefer, for instance, traditional bathrooms over those that feature the sleek, sparse looks typical of modern design. Replacing a bathroom’s vanity with one that has something more to offer can be a great way to pursue such a new but time-tested direction.

Beautiful Vanities That Welcome and Comfort Users

Just about everyone regularly spends some time in the morning standing at a vanity getting ready for the day ahead. Those minutes can set the stage for everything else that follows, and there are many other times when a home’s occupants will need to look at and utilize a vanity, as well.

A vanity that has a distinctive, unique charm of its own can contribute more to the character of a bathroom than any other feature. For homeowners who appreciate traditional types of design, vanities that bear the same types of influences frequently end up being some of the best investments of all. Some of the types of vanities that most often fit the bill in this way include:

Antique hardwood. Many modern vanities are constructed from materials like engineered wood and even metal. In the past, it was much more common for a vanity to be made from simple, solid hardwood with attractive grain and an appropriate finish. A vintage bathroom vanity that brings out the best in a particular type of wood can make that feeling a central part of any bathroom. Whether in the form of a truly antique bathroom vanity that has been restored or a brand-new one simply made to look the part, many homeowners find that such products help them achieve their design goals.

Distressed materials. Another way to achieve a more mature, weathered look is to treat new materials such that they give the appearance of having aged. A distressed bathroom vanity that looks to have served a home’s owners well for many decades will inevitably make an impression.

The Perfect Place, in Many Homes, for Traditional Design

With there now being many high-quality vanities on the market that embody these approaches, homeowners who appreciate traditional design have plenty of options to consider. A vanity that is truly attractive in these and other ways can easily end up setting the visual mood for an entire bathroom.


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